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What Are Ways to Include CBD in Your Daily Routine?

There’s a reason CBD has been the talk of the town since 2018 – it is one of the most versatile, highly-effective, natural products on the market today, and it can be used day or night. Especially lately, when specialty retailers like The Flora Glow by Flora Cher Organics offer premium CBD beauty products to enhance how you look and feel each day, it has never been easier to incorporate high-quality CBD into your daily routine.

Get Glowing Naturally with CBD

CBD is a dynamic and versatile compound called a cannabinoid, and it is derived from the hemp plant. Many people confuse CBD (short for cannabidiol) with the marijuana plant, but rest assured, they are very different. Hemp and marijuana are both in the cannabis plant family, but only derivatives of hemp are legal in the United States. Specifically, The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized all hemp-derived compounds if they contain no more than .3% THC.

You may be familiar with THC – it is the compound frequently associated with mind-altering, psychoactive side effects. Because .3% is negligible and considered miniscule, you won’t experience those unwanted, uncomfortable side effects. You will, however, experience an unparalleled wellness experience when you use high-quality CBD, like the premium products you will find at Flora Cher Organics!

Top-notch, pure CBD products are capable of delivering numerous benefits, including:

  • Helping you feel calm and relaxed
  • Enhancing your nightly sleep routine
  • Improving the tone, texture, and elasticity of your skin
  • Supporting a healthy mind and body
  • Elevating your daily beauty routine
  • & so much more!

Using superior CBD on a daily basis can increase your overall quality of life and boost your self-esteem, too!

Adding CBD to Your Daily Routine

It might sound challenging to add anything new to your already busy routine, but trust us – you don’t know what you are missing! CBD very well may be the one thing you have needed to elevate your daily beauty regimen and skincare ritual. Here’s the best way to slip CBD into your daily life and reap overwhelming benefits!

In the morning:

In the morning, when you are fresh-faced and ready to take on the day, you deserve to feel confident in your beautiful skin. If your skin is totally perfect, you’ve got to maintain that perfection with a vitamin-rich moisturizer! If you’re like the rest of us, you may have dark spots (hyperpigmentation), fine lines, and other small imperfections you would like to take care of so you feel your very best each day.

Believe it or not, FLORA offers a perfect CBD product for you!

Add Even Tone Skin Brightening Cream to your morning routine! You are just a pump away from silky smooth skin! Nourishing, smoothing, and radiance-boosting, this CBD-infused beauty cream brightens your skin, helping it appear softer and more youthful! Simply apply this beautifying cream to a clean face, then let it dry. Your skin is ready for your everyday makeup or whatever else you use to feel confident each day.

Incorporating CBD Skin Brightening Cream into your morning regimen will add about 60 seconds to your typical routine, but your face will glow like you got the best beauty rest of your life the night before! Worth it!

In the afternoon:

No matter what is on the agenda – work, family time, a day at the beach – everyone deserves an afternoon pick-me-up. When you need a confidence booster, reach into your pocket or purse, and give your lips a treat! Try FLORA’s Pure Plump Lip Enhancer for the most delicious CBD beauty product on the market today!

That’s right! You can bring a CBD-infused lip enhancer with you on the go! Infused with fresh, premium ingredients, this patented peptide formula helps promote collagen production while making those plush lips look more full and kissable. You will experience a mild tingly sensation and taste a breath-freshening minty flavor, and you’ll spend the rest of the afternoon feeling as gorgeous as you are. Adding CBD into your day has never been more fabulous.

In the evening:

After a long, busy day, you deserve some TLC. One of the best ways to be good to yourself is to set the vibe for an amazing, recharging night’s sleep. When you sleep poorly, you can see it on your face. Dark circles, drab skin, and overall low energy, these are all signs that you need more shut-eye. No matter how much you want to sleep, sometimes, it can be hard to unwind – we understand.

Don’t worry, there’s a FLORA CBD product to help you! Treat yourself to OHM Better Sleep Spray by Flora Cher Organics! Each spritz contains pure, clean CBD combined with beneficial sleep-supporting ingredients like melatonin, valerian root, and GABA. These natural, holistic ingredients get to work quickly for you, promoting a better, more restorative night’s sleep. Bonus: It tastes like a fruity mojito! Yum!

After learning about these AMAZING CBD products, it doesn’t sound so difficult to add CBD to your daily routine, does it? It’s actually quite easy, and when you do, you are going to GLOW like never before. Shine on, you deserve it! Let FLORA’s CBD help get you there!

Achieve The Flora Glow with CBD from Flora Cher Organics

A girl having a good massage.You can buy CBD at any corner store these days, but remember, when it comes to your health and wellness, don’t settle for mediocre. When you plan to apply or consume any product, you should be able to trust that it is made from high-quality ingredients and that it is safe.

You never have to worry when you shop the CBD innovations at Flora Cher Organics! Founded by practicing pharmacist Flora, every single product is created with strict attention to detail to ensure it is of premium quality for your well-being. Flora is committed to promoting health, wellness, and true inner confidence using holistic, natural remedies. She understands how to balance premium ingredients, safe practices, and insists upon extra measures for quality control – like independent, third-party lab tests to verify absolute purity.

You’re in good hands when you shop with FLORA, and you are a few clicks away from experiencing The Flora Glow yourself! Start shopping today to see everything our premium CBD is capable of!