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Sleep and CBD/ Natural Sleep Aids

Sleep is essential to everyday functioning. Often underrated, many don’t realize that getting plenty of deep, rejuvenating sleep can impact everything from your immune system to your skin health. A good night’s rest allows for your body to go into a state of recharging and replenishing, promoting balance and harmony through every REM cycle so you wake feeling refreshed.

Regularly achieving a healthy night’s rest is much harder than it sounds for many individuals. We live in a fast-paced world where our phones are constantly buzzing, our to-do lists are growing, and something pressing seemingly always needs our attention. Striking a balance between work, family, friends, and self-care seem nearly impossible, so we do the best we can each day. Then, we hit our pillows physically and mentally exhausted, yet somehow unable to unwind and truly relax.

Natural Solutions for Sleep Support

A lady having a rejuvenating sleep.If you’re like most of us, you know how it feels to be tired, yet struggle to sleep. It is very common to toss and turn before falling asleep, then wake up feeling like you need “just a few more minutes.” Before this unsustainable routine catches up with you, you may want to consider a natural, sleep-supporting product to encourage better rest consistently. Many are hesitant to seek support in the form of a supplement because of the fear of unwanted side effects. However, rest assured that there are several natural ingredients that are capable of promoting a better night’s sleep without making you feel groggy in the morning.

Here are some of the most popular and effective natural sleep aids you should consider trying today:

  • Melatonin – Melatonin is a naturally-occurring compound the brain releases when it’s time to go to sleep. There are several factors that may hinder the production of melatonin: too much caffeine, an inconsistent sleep schedule, too much blue light before bed, and more. No matter the cause, a deficit in melatonin means the brain is not receiving natural signals that it is time to rest. An all-natural supplement containing melatonin is a perfect option, as melatonin is one of the most natural sleep supporting-ingredients on the market.
  • GABA – Another naturally-produced compound that the brain releases to relax your mind, GABA is a lesser-known sleep supporting ingredient that reduces stress, increases relaxation, and improves your sleep. GABA is an ingredient that is known to help people fall asleep faster and achieve more REM sleep naturally and is an excellent natural option to improve sleep without unwanted, uncomfortable side effects.
  • Valerian Root – This safe and non-habit-forming herb is known to improve one’s quality of sleep by encouraging physical and emotional relaxation. This herbal remedy has been used to treat individuals with sleep woes for hundreds of years and is a wonderful addition to a natural sleep supplement used to help you ease into a deep, restful sleep.
  • CBD – CBD is relatively new as a sleep-supporting ingredient, but the plant-derived compound has earned its place on this list. For the past couple of years, CBD has become one of the most trusted and commonly used products for individuals seeking a holistic wellness option that is safe to use on a daily basis. The organic compound is capable of engaging naturally with the body and the endocannabinoid system, and it promotes homeostasis naturally.

Each of the above ingredients is capable of making a positive impact on your nightly sleep routine. When purchased from a trustworthy retailer, you can feel confident that your wellness supplement will not contain unnecessary or unhealthy ingredients, making it extremely effective naturally, without unwanted side effects.

CBD for Sleep

If you are unfamiliar with CBD, it may be a surprise to learn that it is a well-loved and trusted sleep-supporting ingredient. The hemp-derived compound is one of the most recent products to make a splash in the wellness industry since becoming legal for purchase and sale in 2018. When the Farm Bill was signed into law, it legalized all derivatives of hemp containing up to .3% THC. Because .3% is considered a small trace, this negligible amount of THC helps ensure that CBD products sold in the US are non-psychoactive, adding to the appeal of the already-attractive holistic product.

Because CBD, short for cannabidiol, works beautifully with the body, it is believed to compensate for deficits in the endocannabinoid system, which consequently includes the way the brain signals the body that it is time to sleep. Consumers report enjoying some of the best sleep of their lives when they use a high-quality CBD product, because CBD is safe, non-euphoric, non-addictive, and does not produce unwanted drowsy side effects the next morning. The wellness-supporting ingredient is highly versatile and truly perfect for individuals who seek natural solutions to improve their sleep routines.

OHM Better Sleep Oral Spray – Your Perfect Sleep Companion

If you are looking for the ideal, trustworthy sleep-supporting product, look no further! Renowned CBD beauty brand, The Flora Glow by Flora Cher Organics, offers everything you are seeking in one convenient, natural product.

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