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Product Preparation: Good Hygiene Practices

Staying healthy has always been important, but lately, it has consumed much more of our attention in our efforts to avoid getting sick and to keep our loved ones safe, too. We continue to do everything we can to think ahead and be proactive, but you may be surprised to learn that germs linger in places you may not have considered.

Some of our daily habits are second nature to us and we don’t think twice about them, but it is important that we exercise good hygiene practices in everything we do to keep ourselves and our families as healthy as possible. If you use wellness or beauty products on a daily basis, we have a few simple tips to keep you and your products sanitary and clean.

Stay Clean and Beautiful: Simple Tips

Most of us use some kind of product on a daily basis. Whether it is a high-end skincare product, a beauty-enhancing makeup, or even a general wellness product, most people use a few items on a regular basis without fail. Because of our basic habit patterns, we often forget to maintain good hygiene practices when we use them, because most times, we use our products as part of our typical routine without thinking.

To make sure that you are stepping up your hygiene game and doing everything you can to stay safe and well, we compiled some simple tips to help!

Product Application

First, always start with clean, freshly washed hands.

If you use skincare products (like a face cream), when you can, choose a product that comes with a pump applicator for easy, clean application. If it doesn’t have a pump, use a sanitized applicator tool so you don’t have to dip your fingers into the container. Once you apply your product thoroughly to clean the skin, wash your hands again. We don’t recommend sharing products like face cream with others.

If you use a beauty product (like lip plumper), make sure you apply your product to clean, dry lips, then seal your product tightly after use. Especially products that have an applicator that comes in contact with your mouth (like a lip gloss wand), it is best not to share products because this is an easy way to spread germs.

If you use a general wellness product (like a sleep supporting oral spray), it is ideal to keep the cap on your product until you plan to use it. When you use your product, do so with clean hands, and try to avoid putting the spray nozzle in your mouth. After you administer your product, wipe it down, replace the cap, and put it away. Once again, we do not recommend sharing your products with others for your safety.

Product storage

For just about every product you use on a regular basis, we recommend:

  • Storing your product in a clean, dry, room temperature, or cool location. Avoid keeping products outside, in your vehicle, or anywhere that is very hot or drastically fluctuates in temperature.
  • Not leaving your products out in the open, like in a bathroom or on a kitchen counter. With many germs potentially lingering in the air (as well as dust and other particles), you do not want to expose your products to unnecessary elements. If you have a habit of leaving products out, now is the perfect time to wipe your products with a disinfectant wipe and begin storing them in a medicine cabinet or nightstand drawer.
  • Keeping your products somewhere others won’t touch them. For safety and sanitary reasons, it’s best if your wellness products are not handled by multiple people. If your products are touched by others, it may be a great practice to implement wiping your products down before using them, just to be sure you aren’t spreading microscopic germs unknowingly.

There are many things you can do on a daily basis to maintain healthy hygiene practices. When you use products that come in contact with your skin, your face, or products you ingest, it is smart to take some extra precautions, like wiping down your products, applying them with clean hands, and not sharing them with others, to avoid exposing yourself to unnecessary pathogens.

Of course, it is always best practice to maintain general hygiene practices like frequently washing your hands, covering your mouth when you cough, and keeping a safe distance from others who may be sick. With just a couple of habit changes, you can elevate your home’s cleanliness and protect yourself and your loved ones even more!

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