CBD is the Answer to Glowing Skin — Why you need CBD in your beauty routine and how to look for quality products

CBD has gotten a lot of attention since The Farm Bill passed in 2018, legalizing all hemp-derived CBD with up to .3% THC. It felt like overnight there was CBD in everything from your morning coffee to your evening snack. The industry has evolved significantly…

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3 Ways to Maintain Self Care During the Pandemic

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Why Self-care (Specifically Sleep) Matters More Than Ever Right Now

with Flora Chang, doctor of pharmacy and founder of the FLORA GLOW by Flora Cher Organics  – CBD You Can Trust Flora Chang is a health and wellness entrepreneur and founder of the FLORA Glow, a pharmaceutical-grade, organically grown, and non-GMO CBD line that specializes in beauty and self-care solutions. Her background as a pharmacist…

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Is CBD Skin Care Right For You?

CBD in skin care is booming! With so many incredible claims & benefits that CBD can offer to your beauty routine, it’s no wonder people are singing it’s praise!…

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