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How Does Current Federal Law Affect My Use of CBD?

With CBD being one of the most talked-about wellness ingredients in recent years, it continues to spark curiosity among consumers. It’s no secret that most people who try CBD generally love it, because they tend to share their positive experiences in reviews, on message boards, and especially on social media. While CBD enthusiasts continue raving about the compound, CBD beginners sometimes remain skeptical. Much of the skepticism surrounding CBD can be attributed to false assumptions and misinformation.

As a practicing pharmacist and the owner of renowned CBD beauty brand The Flora Glow by Flora Cher Organics, Flora is committed to setting the record straight so that you can start enjoying everything CBD has to offer.

One of the most common questions Flora receives is regarding the legality of CBD in the United States, as consumers are concerned that the CBD products they want to try may not be legal. Today, we will discuss the federal law as it pertains to CBD so that you can truly understand it, hopefully clearing up any confusion.

CBD and the Law

To understand the federal laws regarding CBD, it is important that we first discuss what CBD actually is.

CBD is an acronym that stands for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a compound called a cannabinoid, and plants in the cannabis family contain over a hundred of them! This becomes a point of confusion for many, because some people confuse CBD with marijuana. Remember, CBD is derived from plants in the cannabis family. That family of plants includes hemp and marijuana. These plants are siblings, but they are not genetically identical, and this difference is very important when it comes to legality.

When you shop for wellness products containing CBD, the assumption is that they are hemp-derived in order to comply with the law. Of course, it’s important to shop with a trustworthy retailer, and we will discuss that in greater detail later.

Now that it is clear what CBD is (a natural compound derived from the hemp plant), here is what the law says about it.

The Farm Bill passed in 2018, and it made all derivatives of hemp, containing up to .3% THC, legal for purchase and use.

What does this mean for you? Essentially, as long as your CBD product is derived from hemp and doesn’t contain more than .3% THC, it’s completely legal in the United States. Sounds simple, right?

There’s only one important concern: How can you be sure that your CBD actually complies with the law when you purchase it? That’s why shopping with a trustworthy retailer is a necessity.

Finding a CBD Brand You Can Trust

Happy woman on parking after shopping.Unfortunately, it is very common to find products featuring beautiful labels but false promises. Anyone can say that their product is high-quality, potent, and effective, but when it comes to your health and wellness, claims are simply not enough. Your brand of choice should prove that their products are safe and that they meet all legal standards.

When you were trying to decipher a trustworthy brand from a mediocre one, here are a couple of important things to look for.

  • A trustworthy retailer will make it easy for you to learn everything about their product. Leading brands have nothing to hide from you, so you should be able to access every piece of information you need easily via their website. If they don’t have a website, that is an immediate red flag. If they do, but that website does not contain plenty of resources and information about their hemp, their process, and more, that should definitely be a concern too. You should be able to quickly learn general information about their product, and if you can’t, it might not be something you want to consume or use on your skin.

When you find the honest and trustworthy brand you’ve been looking for, you’ll know it, because they will sell CBD derived from organically grown U.S. hemp that is:

    • Pure
    • Free of harsh chemicals, pesticides, and metals
    • Gluten-free
    • Vegan friendly
    • Non-GMO
  • Premium retailers will always utilize an independent third-party lab to verify all of their claims. Truly, this is one of the gold standards in the industry. If a product catches your eye, but that retailer does not use a third-party lab for quality assurance, it is in your best interest to find another brand. Everything we have discussed thus far can be verified through a third-party lab report. You can see:
    • How much CBD is in the bottle
    • How much THC is in the product (remember, your product can only contain .3% THC at most)
    • Whether your product contains harsh chemicals, metals, or solvents

By viewing the lab report, you can be absolutely certain that your product complies with the law, so you never have to guess.

GLOW with CBD from Flora Cher Organics

Once you realize that hemp-derived CBD is completely legal when it’s purchased from a reputable retailer, it makes the decision to add CBD into your wellness routine a much easier one.

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