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Choosing Makeup Products to Achieve Your Favorite Drag Queens’ Signature Looks

Finally, the world of drag makeup and beauty is getting the praise and recognition it deserves. The world is beginning to see what many of us have admired all along: Beautiful souls using art and fabulous makeup to bring out their inner spirit. It is truly remarkable what a little contour, color pop, eyeliner, and rouge can do, and today, we are exploring products to help you achieve a similar look to your favorite drag queens!

Adore Delano

You already know Adore’s signature thick, dark, double-winged eyeliner, highlighted with the white lower lash line – her eyes pop! The look is more easily achievable than you realize if you have the right products! Any water-resistant, long-wearing, felt-tip black liner can help you nail this look, like Lady Gaga’s Liquid Eye-lie-ner, which draws on with precision and stays put! Then, for the pop of white, try Morph Liquid Liner in Blank Slate (white). One gentle swipe whitens and brightens the eye’s waterline (lower lash), adding the perfect contrast and flair!

Latrice Royale

Latrice’s look is achieved with contour, a strong lip, and bold lashes – and don’t forget color! She always starts with a clean, dry face and primer. After that, her perfect canvas is ready for transformation! Whether you want to achieve the bold pigmented colors, glitter, or both, you can get a pop of show-stopping color with this unbelievably versatile palette of cream shadows. Waterproof and easy to apply, there are so many unique shades to choose from, and you’ll rock that Latrice boldness in no time!

Ru Paul

This list would never be complete without the queen of queens, Ru Paul. The queen herself will always suggest the best and most dynamic products, including the Kryolan TV Paint Stick. Available in over 250 shade variations, this color-intensive, highly pigmented beauty stick contours every inch of your face and neck while concealing any five o’clock shadow seamlessly. Bold, subtle, and everything in between, Ru only trusts Kryolan for herself and her queens, and you won’t be disappointed! The only challenge will be choosing which shades to start with to achieve your perfect look!

And when you’re through…

Bianca Del Rio

Everyone knows Bianca – outrageous, hilarious, and brutally honest. She won’t share the tips that give her that wide-lashed signature look, but she will always give you a laugh and recommend that you use the Bianca Remover (her signature makeup remover) when you are ready to start fresh-faced and clean again. Easy on the skin and made with coconut oil, you can wipe away even the most stubborn drag makeup with just one swipe, then dispose of the pad. Each container has fifty pads, so the product lasts through dozens of your most fabulous nights.

Achieving a head-turning look using these amazing products is just one small part of being a confident, dazzling drag queen. In this community, we are graced with deeply talented, beautiful souls who are so much more than what meets the eye. Supporting and advocating for the LGBTQ+ population is to embrace love, beauty, and individualism, and at Flora Cher Organics, we are your allies and friends. Our CBD-infused beauty products are designed to bring out your very best so you Feel Good and Glow each day naturally!

Glow Up with Flora Cher Organics

You are gorgeous with and without your makeup, and honey, we won’t stop until you believe it! Everything we sell is thoughtfully designed to make you feel amazing, inside and out, and we want to help you radiate confidence! You may have heard of The Flora Glow. It is not only a line of CBD beauty products, it’s a movement sweeping the nation! It is the comfort of feeling beautiful and empowered in your own skin. We offer several products to help you achieve this naturally, including:

Even Tone Skin Brightening Cream: Just a dime-sized pump of this beautifying cream will help you achieve the smooth, radiant skin you crave! Gently rub this silky cream onto a clean face and neck, and the superior ingredients will absorb deeply, balancing uneven skin and minimizing hyperpigmentation. Your skin will begin to appear more youthful and supple as the powerful formula combats fine lines and damage.

Pure Plump Lip Enhancer: Pucker up, honey, and kiss thin lips goodbye! This all-natural blend of premium ingredients increases hyaluronic acid levels and promotes collagen production, all while increasing circulation in the lips to give them a full, voluminous look in just one swipe! Minty and slightly tingly, this tasty lip gloss adds volume with one coat and shine with two, completing your look in an instant.

OHM Better Sleep Oral Spray: Beauty is not just about creams and makeup, gorgeous, you know that! Your energy shines the brightest after you shut those pretty eyes and recharge for the night. Beauty rest is not a myth; it’s the key to a well-rounded beauty routine, and it’s easy to achieve with FLORA’s sleep-supporting oral spray! Just a couple of spritzes under your tongue before bed sends all-natural CBD, melatonin, valerian root, and GABA through your body, soothing you from head to toe as you settle in for a rejuvenating night’s sleep. The subtle mojito flavor is just the nightcap you need so sleep well!

A beautiful face with a glow.No matter which products you choose, you can always trust that the health and beauty experts at The Flora Glow by Flora Cher Organics have your best interest at heart while crafting each individual product. We want to help you look and feel your best, and beautifying CBD should not be hard to find! That’s why we created our line of Premium Grade skincare and beauty products, featuring superior quality, nano-emulsified CBD to deliver the benefits you deserve.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is the hemp-derived ingredient, increasingly making appearances in versatile beauty products. Practicing pharmacist, Flora Cher, is leading the charge by crafting high-end, CBD-infused products that not only accentuate CBD’s benefits, but the benefits of other deeply nourishing ingredients too, enhancing your wellness experience and beauty results. FLORA chooses each ingredient carefully, ensuring that each component in every product is healthy and safe to use on a daily basis.

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