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Buy CBD Oil in San Francisco, CA

Lady having a great day in Golden Gate Bridge.San Francisco is one of the biggest little cities in America! While geographically it only covers 49 miles, there are literally thousands of things to do and see within the city’s limits. For tourists, there are a handful of quintessential places that are a must-see – just to snap a photo and say “I’ve been there!” For example, no trip to San Francisco would be complete without just one (or a few) photos of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge! Its soaring 746-foot towers are truly marvelous.

First-timers also don’t want to miss an exhilarating ride on a cable car – the fun mode of transportation used since the 19th century! The well-known and distinct bell sound can be heard for miles, giving you a classic San Francisco experience.

You could spend a full week immersing yourself in every fun adventure San Francisco has to offer and still have plenty more to see. That’s one of the great things about this energetic city: You will never run out of things to do!

To maximize their time in San Francisco, visitors and residents alike plan ahead and bring their favorite CBD products along on their outing. CBD has become one of the most popular and highly sought-after wellness products in California and across the U.S., and San Francisco locals can’t seem to get enough of it!

CBD – Nature’s Wellness Solution

The world is changing. Consumers are realizing that a better life can be achieved when they incorporate holistic products into their lives and say goodbye to unnatural, chemical-based options. Along with any “benefits” one can experience, inorganic and unnatural products also go hand-in-hand with uncomfortable side effects. Sometimes, those side effects can negate any relief you receive, making you feel less like yourself in your effort to find comfort.

CBD is reinventing the way people resolve everyday discomfort and support a healthy lifestyle. The plant-derived compound is making it easy to live a more enjoyable life naturally, without fear of unwanted, mind-altering side effects. To understand how this versatile compound is so widely effective, here’s a brief CBD beginner’s guide.

CBD 101

Because CBD has exploded in popularity in recent years, the internet is full of questions and misinformation pertaining to it. So to clear up any confusion and make it easy to understand, here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about CBD.

CBD is:

  • The acronym for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of numerous cannabinoids found in plants in the cannabis family.
  • Derived from hemp. While both marijuana and hemp are part of the cannabis plant family, the two plants are not identical. Products sold by trusted retailers in the U.S. are derived from hemp exclusively.
  • Federally legal in the United States. Since 2018, when the Farm Bill was signed into law, all derivatives of hemp containing up to .3% THC became legal for purchase and use throughout the country.
  • Considered non-psychoactive, as .3% is considered a negligible trace, essentially unable to bind to receptors in the brain which would produce any euphoric feelings.

Consumers use CBD to:

  • Help wind down after a long, emotionally strenuous day.
  • Expedite the recovery process after a physically-intense workout.
  • Improve their nightly sleep routine so they can experience a more rejuvenating night’s sleep on a regular basis.
  • Elevate their beauty routine with specially-formulated CBD beauty products designed to accentuate their beauty organically.
  • Enhance everyday skincare rituals, as CBD-infused Premium Grade skincare products are proving to be more effective and enjoyable.
  • Promote general wellness, helping healthy individuals maintain their holistic lifestyle.

CBD works by:

  • Deeply absorbing into the bloodstream when consumed orally. Nano-emulsified CBD is known to penetrate more thoroughly because the scientifically-advanced process shrinks the particles into a size that is more absorbable into the body, making the product more effective.
  • Interacting harmoniously with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS helps regulate several essential functions in the body, including stress-management, fatigue, and more. CBD engages positively with this system, promoting homeostasis from within.
  • Penetrating the skin when applied topically, soothing fatigued muscles and joints naturally.

CBD is not:

  • Derived from marijuana – it is derived from hemp.
  • Mind-altering.

Armed with these vital CBD basics, you can begin to understand why CBD has made such a profound impression on the wellness industry. Consumers are thrilled to finally have a natural wellness option that is safe to use every day that actually works.

As a result, exclusive retailers are crafting versatile, reliable products to address specific wellness needs and goals. In addition, some expert brands are blazing the trail for new CBD must-haves, like Premium Grade skincare and beauty products infused with CBD. The Flora Glow by Flora Cher Organics is one of the nation’s leading CBD beauty brands, offering unparalleled products to consumers who want to buy CBD oil in San Francisco, CA.

San Francisco Loves The Flora Glow

If you feel like there are an overwhelming number of beautiful people in San Francisco, you’re not wrong! Locals pride themselves on being healthy and forward-thinking, and they embrace holistic solutions for nearly everything, including beauty and wellness – and those natural remedies work!

You may have heard of The Flora Glow. It is not only a standout CBD beauty brand, it’s a nationwide phenomenon! From coast to coast, consumers aim to achieve a Flora GLOW – which is when your confidence and beauty radiate out of you, and you feel as beautiful as you look!

When practicing pharmacist Flora Cher created this high-end line of beauty-enhancing products, her goal was clear: To carefully and meticulously craft effective, trustworthy, Premium Grade CBD beauty products, using her depth of knowledge and expertise, so anyone can achieve great skin, plump lips, healthy beauty rest, and more naturally.

Flora has reinvented the way CBD is used every day by precisely blending industry-leading nano-emulsified CBD with superior age-defying and beautifying ingredients to deliver an unparalleled wellness experience. When you shop at The Flora Glow by Flora Cher Organics, you can feel confident that your products will always be:

✓ Made in the U.S.A.

✓ Compliant with the law and contain no more than .3% THC

✓ 100% gluten-free

✓ Vegan friendly

✓ Effective, thanks to our phytocannabinoid-rich CBD extract that was derived from organically-grown U.S. hemp

✓ Free of harsh chemicals, metals, pesticides, and other unwanted traces

✓ Rigorously in-house lab tested to ensure quality and potency, then batch-tested by an independent third-party lab to verify those findings and guarantee the accuracy of our labels

✓ Manufactured in a GMP certified facility and registered with the FDA

✓ Backed by our money-back satisfaction guarantee

Because of strict attention to detail and a passion for quality, Flora Cher Organics stands out among other CBD retailers, which is why San Francisco residents don’t shop for CBD beauty products anywhere else.

What’s HOT at Flora Cher Organics

A woman happy receiving her package.Our loyal customers have fallen in love with the Premium Grade skincare and beauty products we offer, and we know you will too! Even though we don’t have an in-person store for you to browse, we still make it easy to find all of the exceptional products that will make you Feel Good and Glow each day!

Here are the hottest products flying off of our shelves at The Flora Glow right now:

Pure Plump Lip EnhancerIf you want your lips to really pop, apply a swipe of our CBD-infused lip-volumizing formula and your lips will be extra plush and kissable within minutes! Rich with jojoba seed oil, argan oil, peppermint oil, and vitamin E, our patented peptide formula helps stimulate blood flow and collagen production in the lips, making them look fuller naturally!

Even Tone Skin Brightening Cream – Carefully designed to give you the smooth, even skin you’ve been craving, our potent skin brightening cream may be the product you’ve been missing in your everyday skincare ritual! Apply just a dime-sized pump to a clean, dry face and neck, let it dry, and continue on with your morning routine. Our silky cream will give you a fresh, beautiful palette in which to apply your makeup or sunblock. When used on a regular basis, this revolutionary cream helps minimize signs of aging and reduces hyperpigmentation, giving you a smoother, more resilient complexion.

OHM Better Sleep Oral SprayBeing tired doesn’t always mean you can sleep soundly. Many lie awake overthinking, planning, and making mental lists; others can’t seem to convince their bodies to fully relax. Our OHM Better Sleep Oral Spray has remedied these sleep woes for thousands in just a couple of spritzes! Infused with Premium Grade CBD plus numerous sleep-supporting natural ingredients like melatonin, GABA, and valerian root, our mojito-flavored oral spray helps you get the beauty rest you deserve! About fifteen minutes before bedtime, simply spritz the delicious liquid under your tongue and hold it for up to 60 seconds. Swallow the remainder of the liquid, and tuck right in.

We are constantly adding to our inventory, so keep checking back. You can also join our mailing list to gain direct access to all of our sales and new product announcements!

Start Shopping, San Francisco!

It has never been easier to buy CBD oil in San Francisco, CA, than it is now! Simply visit The Flora Glow by Flora Cher Organics to get started, browse our products, get to know our founder, check out our informative blogs, and of course, place your order! We will hand-pack your order and have it shipped directly to your home, and you’ll have the chance to enjoy all of the confidence-boosting benefits of Flora’s beauty-accentuating CBD products!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about a product, need help choosing, or if you have a success story. We can’t wait for you to be part of The Flora Glow family. See you soon, San Francisco!