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Pristine beach with two palm trees. San Diego is one of the most charming and enchanting places in all of California. With over 63 panoramic miles of gorgeous coastline, locals and visitors are treated to sweeping views, natural landscapes, and a city with a rich cultural history.

To live like a tourist, you will want to make sure your itinerary features the family-friendly San Diego Zoo, the 1,400 blissful acres of Balboa Park, and the engaging Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. Of course, no visit to San Diego would be complete without a trip to one of the breathtaking soft-sand beaches and a day-trip to SeaWorld!

To enjoy San Diego more like a local, mosey over to the Children’s Pool Beach to see the playful seals, or sunbathe at Torrey Pines State Beach to avoid crowds. Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at Ambrogio15 for divine pizza and a glass of wine at their trendy wine bar! Another tip to live like a San Diego local: Bring your favorite CBD product along on our adventures. The dependable wellness product has become the health trend that is here to stay in San Diego!

Understanding CBD

San Diego residents have embraced CBD as their go-to wellness product, replacing old chemical-based products with this new, holistic ingredient. If you are a regular CBD user, you already know that CBD is versatile and easy to use, but CBD beginners may still be curious about the hemp-derived compound. Here is everything you need to know about the hottest wellness ingredient on the market today: CBD.

  • CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol.
  • Cannabidiol is one of over 100 compounds called cannabinoids, which are expertly extracted from plants in the cannabis family.
  • You are probably familiar with hemp and marijuana – both are in the cannabis family, but the two are genetically different plants. Derivatives of marijuana are not legal in the United States.
  • In 2018, the President signed The Farm Bill into law, legalizing all derivatives of hemp as long as they contain .3% THC or less, making all hemp-derived CBD legal for purchase and use.
  • THC is the ingredient commonly associated with the mind-altering side effects one can expect from marijuana use. Fortunately, because marijuana and hemp are different plants, and this small amount of THC is considered minuscule, hemp-derived CBD is not considered psychoactive or addictive. This makes the ingredient increasingly appealing to everyday individuals who prefer holistic, natural products.
  • CBD is safe to use every day – morning or night.

Because CBD is safe, legal, and plant-derived, it has become one of the most ideal wellness ingredients to emerge in recent years. As a result, consumers are using the versatile compound for numerous reasons each day, including:

Sleep support. Many individuals struggle to fully relax their minds and bodies, and this can prevent them from drifting softly into a deep sleep each night. Whether they are thinking over the events of the day, beginning to make mental lists for the following day, or simply can’t get their body to feel calm, falling asleep (and sleeping well throughout the night) can be a challenge for many. CBD helps bring a sense of peacefulness and balance to the mind and body, helping promote true relaxation before bed.

Relief from physical discomfort. Whether you are a world-class athlete or enjoy casual low-impact fitness routines, the body still holds discomfort and tenderness after working out. For others, their frequent physical discomfort is due to age or everyday routines, like sitting at a desk for several hours while working. CBD interacts beautifully with the physical body, delivering relief where you need it most, no matter the cause of your discomfort.

Improving everyday skincare routines. CBD is a perfect topical ingredient, as it soothes and nourishes deeply as it absorbs into the skin. Many high-end brands will infuse their nutrient-rich beauty products with nano-emulsified CBD to multiply the advantages of the complementary ingredients, enhancing the all-around benefits from head to toe.

Promoting emotional clarity. CBD helps create a true sense of peace and emotional harmony. Morning or night, the compound is capable of interacting harmoniously with the endocannabinoid system to promote homeostasis, and the result is a relaxing, comfortable experience. Consumers report feeling more centered, focused, and overall less stressed when they enjoy high-quality CBD on a daily basis.

These are just some of the growing number of benefits reported each day from this plant-derived, all-natural compound. As new research emerges, more versatile CBD-infused products are released to meet demand, making it easy for consumers to feel their best each day!

Flora Cher Organics – Redefining the Beauty Industry

For far too long, the beauty industry has been stigmatized as proponents of fake, unnatural options. Fillers, injections, and chemical-based products are overwhelming the industry, causing everyday individuals to have a skewed sense of what it really means to be beautiful.

At Flora Cher Organics, we do things differently. We believe that everyone is beautiful, and those beauty products should enhance your beauty naturally, without chemicals or toxic ingredients that simply do not offer long-lasting results. We are reinventing everyday products, infusing them with natural ingredients, including nano-emulsified CBD, allowing you to experience a heightened sense of confidence and unparalleled results without unnecessary side effects. Everything in our inventory was carefully crafted with you in mind, aiming to boost your self-esteem, help your skin glow, encourage true beauty rest, and more.

GLOW with Flora’s Superior CBD Products

FLORA offers products to make you Feel Good and Glow naturally. Founder Flora Cher is a practicing pharmacist, and she is passionate about using her expertise to fine-tune the perfect CBD beauty products to meet your needs.

Do you want plush, kissable lips? Try FLORA’s Pure Plump Lip Enhancer! Infused with peppermint oil, moisturizing jojoba oil, nourishing beeswax, soothing vitamin E, and rejuvenating argan oil, this patented peptide formula gives your lips the volume you’ve been desiring! The tasty mint flavor and the slightly tingly sensation make this lip product flavorful and fun while increasing blood flow in your lips, making them naturally plump and full.

Do you want silky smooth skin? You will love FLORA’s Even Tone Skin Brightening Cream! This Premium Grade skincare product helps reduce hyperpigmentation while turning back the clock on those pesky fine lines. Gently massage this nourishing cream onto your clean face and neck to reveal brighter, more radiant skin. Powerful enough to combat the damage done by UV rays and environmental pollutants, yet gentle enough to make your skin feel silky and fresh, you’ll enjoy more youthful skin in no time!

Do you want to experience a more rejuvenating night’s sleep? Treat yourself to FLORA’s OHM Better Sleep Oral Spray! More enjoyable and fewer calories than an evening nightcap, this mojito-flavored oral spray helps you wind down naturally to encourage a more sound, restful night’s sleep. This premium product features several all-natural, sleep-supporting ingredients including valerian root, melatonin, and GABA. Of course, when combined with FLORA’s potent nano-emulsified CBD, these ingredients deliver relaxation-evoking results promptly. Approximately 15 minutes before bed, spray two to four spritzes under your tongue and hold for 60 seconds, then swallow. Hop in bed and enjoy a deep, recharging beauty rest.

Everything we sell is performance-driven, designed to deliver consistent results without compromise. When you shop with us, you can trust that everything we sell is:

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free and vegan-friendly
  • Made in the United States
  • Dense with CBD derived from healthy, organically-grown U.S. hemp
  • 100% Farm Bill compliant
  • Free of harsh chemicals, metals, molds, and pesticides

Most importantly, all of our products are tested in-house to ensure they are clean and pure, then as an added layer of quality assurance, they are batch tested again by an independent third-party lab to verify absolute purity and potency. This extra step helps to guarantee that our labels always match what’s in the bottle identically, so you can shop with confidence that your product is pure, clean, and free of harsh, unnecessary chemicals. To view the lab report that corresponds with your product, simply scan the QR code printed on the label!

At Flora Cher Organics, we take the guesswork out of finding CBD products you can trust. When you visit our website, you can get to know our process, our story, read about all of our products, and even find informative and relevant blogs to help you on your CBD journey. We are committed to you and your well-being at every step.

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Three bottles of premium grade CBD oil.When you shop online at The Flora Glow by Flora Cher Organics, all of your beauty and wellness goals are within reach! Plus, everything in our inventory is designed to bring out your naturally-gorgeous glow without chemicals or any unnatural ingredients. You can finally shine from within with holistic, organic products!

When you are ready to buy CBD oil in San Diego, CA, you never have to leave the comfort of your home to have access to all of FLORA’s premium grade skincare and beauty products! Simply visit our website and start browsing, place your order, and we will deliver your favorite beauty products straight to your door. Before you know it, you’ll have that Flora GLOW everyone has been talking about, and you’ll be beaming with a heightened sense of confidence! We can’t wait to hear your success story, gorgeous! See you soon!